Adobe Lightroom

The best digital photography software available today

Our introductory and advanced Lightroom workshops will give you a full rundown on this full-featured program that manages your image library,  develops your beautiful images and gives you many ways to share them with the world!

Not sure what Lightroom is? 

It looks like this:

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And can do things like this:

Ready to learn how? 

Lightroom 101: Foundations


What you’ll learn:

  • Library,  Develop,  Book,  Slideshow &  Print Modules
  • Catalog basics     -Importing & Organizing     -Sorting & Rating     -Keyboard   shortcuts
  • Developing your images     -Global & Local adjustments     -Working with presets
  • Exporting     -File naming     -Collections
  • Creating Books     -Printing    -Creating slideshows
  • Much more…

 What you’ll need:


Lightroom 201: Developing Your Vision


 What you’ll learn:

  • In-depth with Library, Develop, Book & Print Modules
  • Advanced Developing       -Principles of great imagery     -B&W and Color images
  • Batch processing     -Toning     -Working with presets     -Publish services
  • Creating books     -Creating print packages
  • Much much more…


 What you’ll need: