Adobe Photoshop

Everybody knows Photoshop, right? 


We all know Photoshop can do anything, but how do you get started? Our workshops will walk you through the basics of you need to know to get going on whatever digital projects you have in mind! Want to learn more? We also offer ongoing, in-depth training courses to teach you the skills you're most interested in.

Photoshop 101: Extended Crash Course.  


What you‘ll learn:

  • Understanding the interface     -Tools & how to use them     -Keyboard shortcuts
  • Working with selections     -Working with layers     -Working with text
  • Developing photographs     -Creating composite images    -Working with filters
  • Much much more…


What you’ll need:

Custom Workshops

Just send us a message for more details about ongoing or in-depth workshops to learn the Photoshop skills you're most interested in.