Photo Tip #833 Reflections

Yangon, Myanmar 2010

Always keep an eye open for reflections, not only in mirrors, but glass and water can also help provide some interesting elements to your images. Reflections can add depth to your images and transform basic or boring images into something more artistic and beautiful. Reflections can also show us a bit of what's hidden in the capture of the scene. Above, though we can't see the monk sitting there, we know he's there by using the small mirror on his bed to add him into the scene. Below, the reflection in the muddy water gives us the elements of the cows and the man standing, waiting to start the race, without shooting them so directly or literally. 

Reflections are everywhere, so keep an eye out for them while you're shooting, and you should be able to come back with some beautiful, interesting images! 

Chau Doc, Vietnam 2010