Photoshop Vs. Lightroom: Which is Right for You?

I get this question alot, and it's really such an individual answer. I found this article online that may help you decide. Still need help? Give us a shout and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions and even get you started on one or both of the programs! 

Photoshop or Lightroom? 

Photoshop’s strengths

  • Pixel-level editing 

  • Layers 

  • Actions  

  • Compositing and blending 

  • Huge toolbox

  • much more

Lightroom’s strengths

  • Built-in RAW editing 

  • Image management and workflow centric 

  • Simple and easy to use 

  • Presets

  • much more

Quinn Ryan Mattingly

ho chi min city, vietnam

Quinn is a photographer in Saigon